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67th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Milsim Unit) Looking for dedicated players!!
67th Marine Expeditionary Unit is currently in the midst of recruiting for a realistic and serious approach to Arma 3. We will be a serious unit for the most part but still maintaining the fact that it's a game. We are in search of anyone 15+ of age (Will take younger ages into consideration) with a mature, and dedicated mindset. We currently have two servers, a TeamSpeak, and a website. We will be a heavily active unit on weekends and active throughout weekdays whenever it fits members schedules best. If this sounds like it could interest you then don't hesitate to head on over to our website and check it out or hop on our TeamSpeak with questions and you'll be answered promptly. Look forward to hearing from you!!


Website: http://67thmarineexpeditionaryunit.mistforums.com/

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