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I hope this DLC wiil give us some improvements for the firing system of all Arma aircraft.

I have on mind the fact, the CAS support is absolutely inefficient. Jets manned (by player) are focused on maneuverability and radar/targeting acquisition.

But, please, keep on mind that full AI jets should be efficient for supporting players. And this way isn't evident till yet. The CAS module is poor, not to say rotten.

Players should ORDER a jet firing at any target, or even ground position, regardless of knowledge about enemy or any target or some weird consideration.

The Arma engine doesn't have to decide for a player the opportunity to fire or not a bomb on a position. In other words, let the player decide to order a bomb release where he wants, when he wants, against who/what he wants, even on empty places or at sea.


Right now, try to order an unguided CAS on any point of Tanoa forest, take 3 coffees,... abort. Frustrating!

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I totally agree..very frustrating seeing how cas runs are carried out.

However, I don't think this would be carried out (what you're talking about) with the Jets DLC.

Maybe a platform update, who knows anymore. We were promised there was going to be squad radar who knows how long ago, and they totally threw it out the window. So it may just be a part of the upcoming dlcs. This kind of commanding wouldn't really fit in any of the DLC's.

What I would do, personally. Is setup a ticket  on the feedback page and get some people to pay attention to stuff like this.


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