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1stLt. Black

Friday Night Public Ops & New Server Update!

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Hello all,

Wanted to announce that we will be trying to run a fun, large-scale Realism/MilSim session this Friday night @ 1900 US Central time for the 3rd SFO and any other units/players that wish to participate. We will be hosting this on our NEW servers, and hope to get a great turnout.



This Friday will also be serving as a stress test to see how the new servers will be performing. Starting this week, we will officially be up and running on our new server computers. Here are the basic specs of what we will be running on:

-8-Core CPU
-16GB of RAM
-Dedicated Linux OS Box
-Full Bandwith Control



First off, make sure you join our Teamspeak for TaskForce Radio: ts3.3rdSFO.us

Mods—The mandatory minimum mods required to join the server are as follows:

-Task Force Radio
-CUP Terrains/Weapons/Vehicles/Units (plus compatibility files)
-FA/18 Jets

All of these mods can be found in our official mod list, and you can see some of the other mods that we run there as well in case you want to run extra (we do not lock keys, so you are free to run what you please, we just ask that you dont use "personal arsenal" or things that we can not see and hear!).

Our official mod list can be found here, simply subscribe to any mod that you do not have and wish to run:

Official Mod List
We also have our own mod that includes a few other mods that are either not on the Steam Workshop, or that we run a different version of. This can be found here via our DropBox (~60mb download—easy!):

Drop Box Mods


If you have any questions or want some help getting set up, please make sure to visit us in our Teamspeak (ts3.3rdSFO.us) and somebody will help you out.

Hope to see you all out on the battlefield!

-Cpt. Black

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