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Need help with Realistic Body Armor Script

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"Is there a mod where the body armor actually stops and catches the bullet instead of what defualt arma 3 has which is reducing the damage. Like hard plated armors should stop a 9x21 fully." - Quote from steam.


I have a feeling trying to do this may involve weapon damage rating and vest armor rating. So to this would you need to now every vest armor rating and all the weapons damage out put. Then I suppose range would have to be implemented as well or would that be rated in damage out put because damage decreases with range and penetrating objects.


Any help or ideas as to where to start something like this would be grateful thank you.


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i suggest to read over the A3 damage description on Biki, as well as this tickets which outlines some issues with the damage system for a start. Plus the "Hitpoints" and "Firegeometry" section of the LOD page


Damage to infantry in arma is extremely inconsistent due to the eccentricities of the damage system. Without doing a complete overhaul over the ammo , uniform and soldier configs, IN ADDITION to overhaul of their models (which you can't do with vanilla models) - imo - you are not going to get it more realistic.


I have started something along those lines for a total conversion i'm doing. It requires some serious overhaul to achieve that, and is only really possible when you can change everything including models and not care about compatibility to anything.

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