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Paying request: Server mission scripts: Paypal

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I am looking for someone to create a script with a few things I need for my server. I am making a new map for arma and that's eating up a heck of a lot of time. There are things I need for my up coming server to be done before the map is complete. So I can find tune and correct things as they go. Some of it isn't terribly complex, some it may be. I am willing to pay up to 100USD for working scripts. 

What it may include:

End mission scripts with three alternate conditions (Configurable values) 

Depreciating loot tables (IE each time a player loots an object the number of respawn for that loot area goes down)(Configurable values)

Non map dependent

Will be using resources from all maps but can't be dependent to a particular map. IE these scripts can be applied to any map. 

 Contact me via email, pm here, or join the new facebook group that I just-just created. We'll talk about the needs there.






PS I pay with Paypal, nothing else.

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