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US Army Armored Cavalry Regiment Question

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I have a question concerning the details of a scenario I'm in the process of working. I'd like to simulate being part of the 11th ACR at the height of the Cold War in the 80's, roughly around the time of Able Archer 83. My problem is I can't find with exact detail the precise components of an Armored Cavalry Troop, which is roughly the same as an Armored Company.

I'm aware that 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment was broken up into Squadrons, with each having an HQ Troop, 4 Armor Troops, and an Anti-Tank Troop. I know that the Armor Troops had 4 M1 Abrams each, however I'm unaware of the composition of the HQ and AT Troops. It is these I'd like to represent with some detail, which I've been unable to find.

I'm aware it's a somewhat lengthy and kind of out there request, but if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated!

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