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Persistant variables in SP (even after loading)

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Hi guys,


is it possible to set variables which stay the same even if the player loads to an earlier point of the mission?


My example:


I have a cutscene and a gun fight right after it. The game is saved before the scene.

If the player dies in the fight, he will have to watch the cutscene all over again. Saving the game right after the cutscene is not an option but I'd like to have a check before the scene starts if it was watched already. E.g.


if (cutsceneAlreadyWatched) then {} else {cutscene code};


At the end of the cut scene I then want to set cutsceneAlreadyWatched true so that if the player dies, he won't have to watch it again.



The problem now is that variables are reset to their original status when loading to an earlier point. If I set it to true and then load the game to an earlier point, it will be false again.


How can I set the variable to true so that it stays true at any time (even in the past :drinking: )?


Thanks for your help.

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