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Build a ArmA 3 x64 Dedicated Server, what hardware & Network speed need?

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Hi, we are Taiwan ArmA Clan, recently we want to build a x64 Dedicated Server for our team. (our last server use 5 years already) And here is come some questions.



Our Goals

1.      50 ~ 100 players coop & PvP. (or even 100 vs 100 PvP)

2.      400~500 AI Unit. (50~100 groups)

         *This can use like EOS or ALiVE to help. But is perfect when 500 AI Unit can activities at the same time.

3.      Mod: ACE, RHS(All faction), CUP(Only map), Task Force Radio.

         *And some little mod and map that don’t impact performance very much.

4.      Host TeamSpeak 3 server.




1.      Server vs PC advantage?

After discussion, this is our plan. But we want to know is server structure will have more advantage? Or is ok with PC structure?


         Server Structure

         CPU:  Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2680 v1               x2

         MB:    Supermicro X9DRL-IF or Tyan S7050-DLE

         RAM:  Samsung Ecc reg DDR3 1600 8G                    x8

         SSD:   Plextor M8Peg 256G/M2


         PC Structure(2 ver.)

         CPU:  AMD R7 1700X

         MB:    MSI X370 gaming pro carbon

         RAM:  Kingston DDR4-2400 16G                               x2

         SSD:   Plextor M8Peg 256G/M2


         CPU:  Intal I7 7700K 4.2G

         MB:    Asus Strix z270H

         RAM:  Kingston DDR4-2400 16G                               x2

         SSD:   Plextor M8Peg 256G/M2



Network Speed

1.      Server speed affect?

In our plan, we will use this.


100m download / 100m upload

 (Right now we use 100m download / 40m upload)

This speed plan is very high at Taiwan, in future we will upgrade if there have another higher plan.



Last Question

1.      The above Hardware plan & network speed, can done with our goals?

2.      If goals can’t be done, is our hardware plan need more upgrade? Or is our network speed too slow?

3.      If these plan are very nice and more than we want goal, how many player and AI can run on our hardware & network speed plan?



We hope we can get these information from big ArmA Clan.(Who usually play with 100 players)


And thank you for your reading.

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Your setup looks ok.

But it will only depends on how the mission is made. That's all.

If the mission is quite optimised and you are using an hc (even on the same machine) for the AI at least it should run just fine imo.


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Spend the money on the fastest cpu you can afford (Its all about the cpu and a fast clock speed)

I know AMD are trying to make a comeback, and have no idea what their latest cpu's are like, however for me it would be Xeon all day every day and at least a hex core if you can afford it (You can run 2 fully loaded servers on that and have a backup test server with enough resources left to run much more 

I would trade an ssd for some enterprise class western digi disk drives, space is more important here than speed of loading and for a server, the only noticeable effect an ssd will have on performance is boot up times

And I would recommend having at least 2 and mirrorring them using a hardware raid card

I haven't looked at the rack servers you have linked. Tyan are on the cheaper end but they do their job and from my experience they are reliable enough so you should be okay with them. I would recommend however if the M.board on that doesnt support two cpu's get one that does. Its better to have a spare cpu slot and never use it than need one but dont have it and in a couple of years time that extra cpu will be a lot cheaper and a worthy upgrade.


Thats what we did, started off with a quad core xeon, when they got cheaper upgraded to a hex then eventually got another hex for our spare cpu slot.

We have two (Old by todays stabdards) X5675 clocking at 3.07Ghz, 24 Gb ram and with that we run 4 to 5  servers continuously

1 x vanilla server co op capped at 64 players

1 x addon server xcapped at 64 which runs ACE, TFAR, Alive and all the other normal goodies etc

1 x (Either special events server, training server)

1 x test server

and we also host for another small coop community plus throw the oddball server iup every now and then (Currenbtly Blackwake when we can be arsed)


I believe we run around 300 active AI with that on any missions and since the various patches and the latest 64 bit upgrade that possibly can be increased although I haven't looked at the performance cap in a while


Hope that helps

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very good info but for me Supermicro X9DRL-IF   is very high price on ebay about 300$


i interest  this MB for simple http://www.ebay.com/itm/Supermicro-X7DBU-LGA771-Server-Motherboard-5300-5400-2-Intel-Xeon-CPU-Bracket-/322399631361?hash=item4b1083f801:g:RckAAOSwo4pYhXPI


or this http://www.ebay.com/itm/Wave-STG2SMCA-VER-C-Dual-Xeon-CPU-LGA1366-DDR3-ECC-REGISTERED-Server-Motherboard-/272566870207?hash=item3f764060bf:g:cJUAAOSwax5Yrz0O


I mean cheap MB under 100$ some 2 xeon 5k serias cpu and 16gb ram 1 power supplies under 50$


i whant run 2   arma 3 servers for 40-64 players



And I want to know if I can do it is not more under 150$


or buy ready server simple http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dell-Poweredge-R410-2-X-QUAD-CORE-2-40GHZ-E5620-8GB-RAM-1-x-TRAY-QTY-AVAILABLE-/351951744696?hash=item51f1f56eb8:g:FysAAOSwh2xYAR-N 


plz give me some Tip

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