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TAC OPS (SP players, this is our time)

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Apparently BIS is going to spend some resources on SP players with tac ops DLC. What are you expecting, what would you like, what SP players want?.

Development will start later this year, it's time to rant and make wishes! As for myself:


1. And most important: Randomness, randomness, randomness, and then randomness. And after that, randomness. Dynamic start points, dynamic objectives, variable skills and gear, civilian life, random patrols, random everything ...


2. We don't need excessive production. A simple but logic story, and a good radio protocol is just enough. Don't waste time on new and useless strange features, mechanics, huds, menus, .. just gameplay, and gameplay, and gameplay.


3. Missions plenty of playable s*it: side missions, challenging and tactical stuff, team command ...


4. Don't be afraid of long missions and long travel distances.


5. Replayability, again, always.


6. Let the player choose the number of AI team members, and don't worry about AI dumbness, an average Arma player should know that AI is just a tool. If you don't understand this then play some minesweeper.


7. Even being SP centered, don't do as Apex did with SP players (we were abandoned), and give coop players the possibility to join the group.

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SP? yeah i remember hearing that on the latest summation video. Hope it also COOP compatible. Even if it is simply adding other mates into the session. no one in their right mind goes on 'tacops' on their own. it takes a team or else it's make believe rambo ops.


I'd hope to see things that help players achieve believable TacOps style play, like:

  • Better animation system that is more fluid and less clunky. So moving the unit feels more special operator like.
  • Enhanced movement ability to vault structures and climb over walls, etc
  • Ability to change move speed based on middle mouse scroll (so moving indoors at a fast jog not a sprint is possible)
  • more developed weapon handling (not so robotic and dead feeling with every motion), more detailed recoil motion that has a little inertia at the end, and maybe even have breathing synced with weapon movement. Arma 3's weapons system and handling is feeling a bit old now against some really great new systems out there.
  • wounding system

Then more specifically...

  • soft cover system to allow using cover a bit more intuitively (crouch height adjusts to cover height, hug wall a bit when next to it so you can peak around it)
  • peek out system when aiming when behind cover, lets you peek out when you aim.
  • AI that follows tactical procedures. lol. dreaming on this one, but still...
  • a good tactical operations center that isnt an excuse to stuff unbelievable futuristic handholding tech into the game. But rather useful info when you need it on a tactical level.
  • Rappelling and fast-roping down from choppers
  • breaching doors
  • No green-blue glowy shit please or magic tracking enemies HUD systems.






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8 hours ago, old_painless said:

Hm, SP content would be absolutely great. But are they mentioning SP at any time:




There may be other sources of information, so please share if you heard any confirmation on SP content ?


Arma 3 Tac-Ops (est. Q4 2017*)
Plan and execute to successfully accomplish your mission objective in a series of 'tactical operations'. The Arma 3 Tac-Ops DLC will deliver new singleplayer scenarios that focus upon challenging, replayable, and authentic military gameplay - making the best use of Arma 3's sandbox terrain, vehicles, and weapons.


Taken from the official description: https://store.bistudio.com/products/arma3-dlc-bundle2


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This is the chance for BI to go on their word about creating missions based on the old flashpoint series. After that disgraceful apex campaign this can show us what they can do. I don't want random things cause last time they said this in Apex it was terrible.


i just want a big map where I get a bunch of dudes and maybe for a mission or two some tanks, jets, boats etc and have to acomplish the objective. These missions should have choices in them which can affect how a mission plays out which would lead to it being replayable but without the random stuff. They hinted at this in win and survive but it felt like it needed a bigger push to get things going. Missions like Bingo fuel is what I want them to try to aim for.


As for missions themselves I'm hoping for the right price it is around 5-6 decent sized missions that range from small fights to big skirmishes. This is the chance for BI to redeem themselves after that disaster. Also please let us save during the missions this time rather then a one go scenario.

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Flash Bangs added to vanilla Arma would be great. With the ability to adjust the bang from 1-9.

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