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Can't join any server. ("Connecting failed.")

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Hey guys,

today I tried to play King of the Hill with a new config, cause I had some problems with freezes and soundbugs when I tried the last Update on it's launch day.

But today I got another (bigger) problem:

I tried to join a King of the Hill server again and instantly got the message: "Connecting failed." 

This happend on every other server I joined too, for example: any Official servers (incl. quick search), Altis life (Vanilla), Deathmatch and King of the Hill.


These things did I try to fix it/find the error:

1. PC restart (3x)

2. Router restart

3. 32- and 64-bit

4. Steam offline mode

5. Join after using the editor (editor works fine)

6. Verificate game data's (2x)

7. Deactivated Firewall and Antivirus

8. Direct connect

9. Default config (I deleted Arma3.cfg, ***.Arma3Profile, ***.vars.Arma3Profile)

10. I played DayZ (SA) to be sure there is no problem with BattlEye

Every time I launched without mods!


My PC:

Win7 64-bit


AMD FX-8350 @4.00 Ghz


SSD  128GB (Windows)

HDD  2000GB (Games) ~15GB free


.rpt file






I hope you can help me,



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...a friend of mine has this problem too...i suspect its UPNP missing on router in his case...but if it was working for you in the past...cant be it.

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