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23Rd Infantry Division MILSIM [Now Recruitin

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Welcome to the 23rd Infintry Division! We are at heavily based MISLM group we are focused on Zeus operations when a event is up. We run a recruiting server everyday, and when it is up you will get an notification, and you are heavy suggested to join.
————————————Available Roles——————————————————————
•Machine Gunner
•SMAW Gunner
•Tank Crewman
•AAV Crewman
•Force Reconnaissance Man
•Military Police
•Pilots[If you choose this role you don't get to fly all air vehicles]

/—————————-—————————Officer Role—————————————————\
How Can I Become A Officer? You are required to be 17+ to apply for an officer, and you are required a mic. And after you get an your application approved you are required few weeks of training. •Personnel Clerk
•Personnel Officer
•Personnel Chief
•Intelligence Chief
•Intelligence Specialist
•Logistics Specialist
•Logistics Chief
•Drill Instructor
•Combat Training Instructor
If your unable to arrive at training constantly you will eat her be kicked or put in the reserves{Reservers don't get alerted about operations as much}. Order of Battle
1st Battalion: Fully focused on Arma III. There are four companies:
Alpha Company is the aviation element, consisting of both Fixed and Rotary aircraft pilots and crew. 
Bravo Company comprises Mechanized Infantry and Armored (Tanks), utilizing M2A3 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles, Strykers and M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tanks.
Charlie Company is the tip of the spear, with two platoons of Airborne infantrymen and an airborne support/engineering platoon. 
Delta Company is a combined arms company with armored and infantry focusing on the Air Cav: Vietnam modification.
2nd Battalion
Light infantry. 2 companies focusing on Squad, and Insurgency. 
What do we offer?
Weekly training events at the squad and platoon level.
Monthly training events at the company and battalion level.
A custom tailored Modpack hosted on our 5 servers, ready to be used.
Various Military Occupational Specialties (MOSs) simulated accurately with their own training courses and units. 
Advanced courses based off of real US Army courses such as Airborne School, RANGER School, Air Assault School, and more.
A large community, with opportunities for members who display leadership skills to be placed in command positions either as Non-Commissioned Officers, or as Commissioned Officers. 
Tons and tons of people to meet, play with and make a lot of new friends.
Steam Group, required to join for notifications:
Arma 3 Unit:
Required Mods:

23rd Infantry Division [Mod Requirements] 

By: AAATopNinjaGaming

Mods Required to join the 23rd Infantry Division servers.

To contact me please message me on steam:



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