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script to fix missing features

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hi all!

to cut it short....are 16 years that i suffer from missing features like "attach mines to vehicles" and so on, and i tried to post on general topic a possible solution,
but topic was closed asap, seems they like bugs, not solutions!
...so...i'm searching a script maker, good enought to understand/create complex script for MP with JIP in mind, that help me to merge togheter already existing and working scripts,
adapt them to the needs, and make sure they all works for good in a MP/JIP environment.
obviously, for your time i will offer a generous donation, and the glory will still be yours !!

note that i will not asking impossible or too complex features, just already existing ones to be merged togheter (i understand it may mean in some cases to rewrite the script, but thats why i need your help!)
in fact i made most of them work togheter, but i lack scripting skills, and i feel its kind of "not efficient" and wish to make them more streamlined!
as examples, i will need to merge scripts that: enable charges to be attached to objects and vehicles, and underwater. interact with ambient objects , like move a box. set hand grenades launch force ecc...

if interested, please contact me at  ddelfino@hotmail.com
thanks for your time guys!

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Dont be shy !

personally i'm using scripts from Enigma , Stealthstick, JON HILLENBRAND, zorylias, Voiper and many others, but everyone is welcome too !

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