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Lost my playable ai on dedi srv

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Hi guys.

First of all, i am quite content with the update to 1.68 since it brings us a modern 64Bit architecture and some performance gain imho. But i can understand the disappointment of many fellows that have new probs on our most loved and sometimes equaly hated game. In the end there is not one game equal to this and i am thankfull to BI bringing this concept to life and developing to the level of today. I may say so since i started with ofp (the BI one!) and i am surely one of the older fans... Since then i had to fight far more battles with scripting then with other players and some say i'd spend more time with the editor and testing than playing it... But now to my problem.


Motivated by ARGO i promised some friends to reactivate the good ole deathmatch with only up to 12 players. Since we are only 3 to 5 peoples we usually add playable AI, that add some fun to the mission. It is not a very sophisticated mission, no fancy addons, so vanilla like the missionarsstellung (google that ... ;) ). Worked like cherrypie on a dedicated server (1.66). Works too on 1.68 in MP-preview and on Client-server (non dedicated or whatever u call it).

BUT this mission does not work on a 1.68 dedi server: everybody spawns on missionstart, and the real players will respawn after beeing killed as intended. Only these damned (playble) AIs wont ressurect - when killed they take off to the heavens of matrixed heros or wherever, but surely they do not respawn on my battlefield. Since this should annoy other admins because this behavior prevents jip, i would guess. But i could not find any messages on this.


So if anyone can provide some information, i would be very glad.


Tested on 32Bit client 1.68 / 32Bit dedi and 64Bit client 1.68 and dedi and mixed too i believe.




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Just noticed this too playing AI-enabled team deathmatch today

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