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Player disconnect 1.68 issue

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Players disconnecting my server now leave a body behind. This never happened prior to 1.68, so I need to know what commands have changed that would cause a body to remain where it is.

My server is modded so needs to remain using 32-bit since none of the mods are 64-bit capable and I have no idea how to make them 64-bit compatible.


The following eventHandler is executed on the server when a client disconnects...

_onDisconnect = ["SERV_onClientDisconnect","onPlayerDisconnected",{[_uid,_id,_name] call TON_fnc_clientDisconnect}] call BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler;

The following is the "clientDisconnect" function...

_uid = _this select 0;
_name = _this select 2;
	_pid = _x getVariable["steam64ID",""];
	if(_uid == _pid OR _pid == "" OR owner _x < 3) then {
		_containers = nearestObjects[_x,["WeaponHolderSimulated"],5]; //Fetch list of containers (Simulated = weapons)
		{deleteVehicle _x;} foreach _containers; //Delete the containers.
		deleteVehicle _x; //Get rid of the corpse.
} foreach allDeadMen;

//_uid spawn TON_fnc_houseCleanup;
[_uid] remoteExec ["TON_fnc_houseCleanup",HC1,false];


As you can see, in the comments it says "Get rid of the corpse" using the "deleteVehicle" command, but either this no longer executes, or the eventHandler for onPlayerDisconnected no longer works.

I don't really know where to start looking here as I've been through the patch notes and can't find what would have changed to cause this...

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Posting here as well for anyone who'll find this thread through search, there is a solution to this issue in another thread:


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