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Arma 3 Launcher has stopped working!

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Since yesterday i'm unable to use game's launcher, it just crashes out of nowhere by hitting buttons like options or hovering the mouse on certain options or by just simply trying to save a preset, I'm able to launch the game but once and if i quit the game the launcher still crashes upon exiting (the game app).


I have already verified game's cache.

I have already deleted logs,presets and .nson and .json files from my AppData\Local\Arma 3 Launcher so it force it to create new ones.

Still no luck..


Here are my logs, please someone from the devs if would be possible to help me out, i want to return playing the game and making missions.Thanks!


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Hello @BIS_Wizard


-Yes can confirm windows is updated to the latest version(s) i believe so.



-I can start the launcher in safe mode and use it without any issues, or crashes.



EDIT: Running launcher at least once in safe mode, seems like it fixed the problem, further testing on going.

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