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Does a dedicated server lock the pbo? (it seems to)

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I am just trying to confirm my thinking. I am editing a mission which I want to run on a dedicated server (on the same machine). I need to test it quite a lot but am finding that you have to shut down the dedicated server each time you make an edit in the editor, then 'export to multiplayer' then restart then server, which all takes so much time.


So I am doing this:

1. Open up eden editor.

2. load the mission.

3. make my change.

4.save it.

5 'export to multiplayer'

6. start dedi server (takes time)

7. log into server

8. test mission.

9. exit server

10. shut down server

11. go back to eden editor

12 make change

etc etc


what I want to do is

9. log out of server but keep it open and Open up mission in eden again

10. ...do stuff..


12 reconnect to server and play update...



It seems to me that the server locks the pbo and despite the fact that if you 'export to multiplayer' the editor squeaks a confirmatory message that it has been successfully exported (which it hasn't). The file timestamp remains the same. I've tried #restart and #restartserver (doesn't seem to do anything). Would anyone know of a way to getting the server to 'release' the pbo file so that I can update it? I presume I am just being thick.


Thanks in advance,



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You dont have to pbo it, you can run it on the server as a mission folder until you are happy with it

In this state, the only files you will be able to edit on the fly are files called by execVM, these are compiled then run each time they are called, meaning if you change an execvm file that say is called by an addaction, when you edit it and recall via addaction the changes will be seen


Any files called via config, description.ext, eg #include wont see any changes untilyou next restart the mission, any precompiled functions also wont have their edits seen until; after you restart the server.


Hope that helps

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