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Keep getting requests about the C-130/source code.

So I have decided to launch a streamlined version without many confusing features for everyone to use and adapt.




APL C-130


A port of the original Arma 2 C-130 and based on BIS APL Source Files.

It is the same as my other C-130 addon, just with less different versions and features.

C-130 J
C-130 J Cargo Version


Aplion - for Arma2- Arma3 port tutorial
BIS for original Model/Textures = APL Sample Files




APL Arma public license. Don't ask me if you can use it. just go ahead. happy modding.



Source Files to make addons with


PBO to use


Guide how to integrate into other mod environments:


1. First you rename the mod folder from apl_130 to yourmodprefix_130 (let's call it ymp_c130 as example)


2. Open all textfiles with notepad++ (all hpp, cpp and rvmat files) - search/replace mass rename all  <apl_c130> with <ymp_c130>.


3. Open the aplc130_j p3d

(no need to rename the filename. You could - but then you have to rename it inside model.cfg and in config in the line for the path to the model)


4. In Object Builders Menu Tools you can find Mass Texture & Material renaming:

in first line put this:


in second line this:


thats it, one click really.


5. in LOD 1, ViewPilot/Cargo and Wreck LOD: rename the droptank, propellerblur and seat proxies to fix their paths (rclick and rename  - in named selection list).


6. Open the other p3d files and do the same texture mass rename


7. build your addon


That's it. can be done in a few minutes.

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59 minutes ago, foxhound said:


** source files available on our downloadpage seperatly.


That's good! Thank you

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Updated to v 1.34

-fixed physx nerf



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