Hanter's Gorge By Bushlurker   As most of you will be aware Bushlurker, a well respected member of this community, sadly passed away in January. During the development of the Imperial Assault mod I approached Bush to ask for his assistance in creating a terrain for the mod. Despite the fact that he already had a lot on his plate he very generously agreed. He chose to do Tatooine and specifically a region called Hanter's Gorge. What is Hanter's Gorge I hear you ask? Fair question and when he told me I had never heard of it. In fact you wont actually find it listed on most maps, but you can see it listed on this picture here (no. 6):       For those that saw our first live stream, this was the terrain we used. Unfortunately for a combination of reasons we were unable to get the terrain to a state in which it could be released.   With the news of his passing I have been asked to consider releasing the map as a tribute to his fine work and honour the many contributions he made to the community. I'm more than happy to do this however I have never had the time to learn the terrain tools so I will need some help.    Status of the map The terrain itself is done but is completely barren of any objects, this includes the basics for any map e.g. rocks. The map has no in game map picture The map title has a typo "Tattoine" instead of "Tatooine" The map has hard cut off of hills on all sides. I understand it may be possible to give the map endless mountains   I've made a little video with a fly through of the map in an unfinished X-Wing from the cancelled mod.   So where to from here? As I see it, there's a few options:   Release it "as-is" with all its outstanding (minor) issues and lack of terrain objects. I have a packed version Bush sent me which can be released immediately. This will be the default option if I dont receive any offers of help Fix all the outstanding issues and add some appropriate nature objects. Bush was kind enough to send me the source files so this is definitely possible. Go all out and make a proper Tatooine map complete with buildings and towns. This is going to require a lot of help and would take time   Please share your thoughts and if you would like to help out please send me a PM.   Cheers Pomi