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FORECON is Recruiting [NA][Apex]

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FORECON is a North American-based milsim unit modeled after Marine Force Reconnaissance.  The unit operates on Pacific Standard Time, but we have members all over North America.

The mission of FORECON is to provide the MAGTF (Marine Air-Ground Task Force) with military intelligence. FORECON conducts Green Operations (deep reconnaissance) to gather intelligence, and Black Operations (direct action) to conduct offensive strikes, often with aid of MAGTF resources.

Our unit consists of the following elements:

  • Reconnaissance Platoon
  • Rotary Detachment
  • TECOM Element


TECOM (Training & Education Command) members will often times play the role of a High-Value Target, VIP, or OPFOR during operations. This Element is ideal for those who prefer a variety of roles and equipment with a unit experience. 


We encourage players to submit an application even if they have no prior experience with any of these MOS, although experienced players are preferred. We conduct training for new recruits and for players seeking to specialize in a MOS. Operations and campaign missions are organized weekly.



  • mature, dedicated individuals (18+ preferred)
  • microphone, TS3
  • Arma 3 Apex DLC
  • fluent English speaker

We are currently recruiting for the following roles:

  • Reconnaissance Man
  • Training
  • SARC (Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman)
  • Helicopter Crew Chief
  • Student Naval Aviator


Training is conducted via a sign-up on the forums, so it is more or less self-paced.  We would however, like to see recruits complete training as soon as possible.  Promotion points will be given for the completion of each training.  Each role has a specific Training Pipeline to follow.

For example, the Reconnaissance Man Pipeline is as follows:

  • Basic Reconnaissance Course
  • Combatant Diver Course
  • Military Free Fall
  • SERE
  • Courses from SOTG (Special Operations Training Group)



Operations are conducted weekly on Sundays at 6:00 PM Pacific.  We brief participants with an OPORD before the operation.  If you cannot make this time, don't worry!  There are plenty of other opportunities to gain promotion points and engage in unit activities throughout the week.



Promotions in this unit are based on acquiring points and completing leadership training.  This objectively allows a member who has met the requirements to receive a promotion.

Extra points can be earned for tasks such as participating in operations, conducting training sessions and participating in staff positions.






Website: http://forecon.enjin.com/home


If you have any questions, please ask them in this thread or add us on steam:


Otherwise, if you are interested, please submit an application at http://forecon.enjin.com/recruitment

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Check out this video from one of our recent operations:



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Some more videos today:


Military Free Fall Techniques:


Oil Rig Operation:



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