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Task Force Goon - Special Forces | Recruiting [18+]

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Website: http://taskforcegoon.us




What is the Task Force Goon?

Task Force Goon is a milsim group founded by active, veteran, and military contractors with diverse backgrounds in training and combat experience. Task Force Goon is built to reflect the United States Special Forces' Operational Detachment Alpha teams.


Task Force Goon "Operators" stress TRAINING - putting in many hours to become a proficient machine. TEACHING - spreading their knowledge of skills, tactics, and communication to others. LEADING - conventional, unconventional militia, and guerrilla forces in enemy occupied areas. EXECUTION - methodical and thorough in completion of tasks and missions.


It is our mission to bring as true to life tactics and execution to our ARMA community as possible. We achieve this through a team first attitude, a constant training battle rhythm, and play focused on execution.


Current Unit Structure?

Our unit is currently in a Task Force Standard which is made up of...


ODA-951 "GOON" - The ODA-951 is designed after United States Special Forces ODA elements. ODA missions include but not limited to counter-insurgency, counter-terrorism, covert ops, direct action, hostage rescue, HVT/man hunting, and unconventional warfare. We will most of all hold true to an ODA’s primary mission: Teaching and Leading - training and leading unconventional warfare forces, or clandestine guerrilla forces in an enemy occupied nation. For example training a group of rebels or regular military soldiers and leading them in a mission.


75th Ranger Regiment "Hangeover" - The 75th Ranger Regiment, also known as Rangers, is a light infantry, special operations unit of the United States Army. The regiment is the U.S. Army's premier raid force, with specialized skills that enable them to perform a variety of missions.   These include direct action, airfield seizure, airborne and air assaults, special reconnaissance, personnel recovery, and high-value target raids. It operates as a special operations force.


160th SOAR "Night Stalkers" - The 160th SOAR, also known as the Night Stalkers, is our air unit that replicates the real 160th SOAR, they are here to provide close air support for both the Goon element and Hangover element along transportation when needed. They are well trained in all conditions of flight and are able to get the ground elements to the position that is needed even when the LZ is hot.





Must be 18 years old or older

Must have a legit copy of ARMA 3

Must have knowledge of a Realism Unit

Must be able to commit a realistic amount of time to the unit

Must accommodate for our timezone. We operate out of the Eastern Standard Timezone!

  • Trainings: Tuesday 8PM EST.

  • Operations: Sundays 8PM EST.

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