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Locking UAV's cam turret on target via script?

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1.66 stable, I have two crewed objects in the editor: Slammer tank and Darter UAV. Both have same init code: 


this doWatch player;


doWatch does good job for my old autonomous turret script for UGVs and static unmanned MGs. 


At preview tank turns his turret at me (then starts constant 360 horizon scan, which isn't good too BTW), UAV does nothing. Also nothing happens for doTarget (expected). Same for spawned and crewed Darter. Same for (gunner this) doWatch player;.


I'm positive, invisible UAV's gunner is manning the only UAV's turret. If I take remote control over this turret and change its direction, after releasing control turret turns back to initial direction.


Meanwhile UGV Stomper RCWS behaves same, as Slammer. 


Is there any way to actually rotate UAV's cam turret (and reliably lock on for, say lasing the target) pointed object/position via script? To change UAV's cam turret direction at all with SQF?

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