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Let me point out that I know little about codes in arma 3 and that I just started.


I am trying to edit one mission that is not created by me (for private use).


I have made almost all changes but there is one thing that I can't get working. Zeus on that mission is enabled but under his create tab is nothing, all empty.

I have tried fixing it with the code but I cant get it working.


This is the code i used to fix it:


_zgm = _x;
        _zgm addCuratorEditableObjects [_zeusunits,true];
        _zgm removeCuratorEditableObjects [_units_to_remove,true];

        _zgm  setCuratorCoef ["edit", 1];
        _zgm  setCuratorCoef ["place", 1];
        _zgm  setCuratorCoef ["synchronize", 1];
        _zgm  setCuratorCoef ["delete", 1];
        _zgm  setCuratorCoef ["destroy", 1];

    } foreach allCurators;


If anyone knows a way to enable that would be great.

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I am brand new to Arma 3 and would like to restrict Zeus again, I have managed to restrict the lightning but that's about it. Can you give me some pointers on how to restrict him not to place any enemy forces as well as disable a couple of his modules. And if you would be so kind to explain to me how to set the coefficient for all the resources that would be nice. Thanking you in advance.



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