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We need AMD Ryzen Benchmarks! Share your toughts!

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10 hours ago, Mahatma Gandhi said:

I finally got a 5800x to play with.


Its not a great overclocker RAM wise and i only reach 3733MHz RAM stable, but its already very fast. The mid 70 fps results were from my 3300x.




Comparing this to Oldbear's 3600 and 3600x results:


Nearly double the AVERAGE FPS

Nearly double the MINIMUM FPS

More than double the peak FPS, but this is the least important!


AMD Ryzen 3 while expensive, completely worth it for the hardcore ARMA or cpu bound game player.


But the Intel 10x00 series a better value right this moment.

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The funniest part is that this is all done with an unofficial beta BIOS from AsRock on my old AsRock X370 Fatal1ty mITX Board with a 35 Euro Scythe Kotetsu Mark II Cooler.


So... this isn't quite a costly high end system



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@Mahatma GandhiWhat is the rest of this system? Can you out the details?


If we can use old system parts to offset the CPU, then it would still be worth it to go Ryzen as we know in the LONG TERM, the CPU still has a lot of untapped performance over current Intel CPUs in CPU bound games and applications.

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The system specifics:


Mainboard: Asrock Fatal1ty X370 Gaming-ITX/ac Motherboard - I had bought it back in 2017, originally paired with a Ryzen 1700. AsRock leaked some beta BIOSes for their old B350 X370 lineup, you can find the deitails with google. For this board it has been the BIOS 6.61. But this only works with a couple of AsRock Boards and the BIOS is surely beta. For B450 and X470 Boards, there is official Zen3 support, so for a budget build, those could be used or upgraded if already there.




CPU: the mentioned 5800x. For now, I only borrowed it from a friend who was screening several for high IF capabilities. This one failed to achieve 1900MHz IF without WHEAs and he was nice enough to send it over for testing on this board,. This is why I also run it at 1866MHz and 3733MHz RAM.


Cooler: Scythe Kotetsu Mark II, a really cheap but not bad cooler. However, I should mention that I realized before, that the cooler is somewhat convex which is why I sanded it a bit to make it fit better on my previous 3300x ryzen heat spreader. No magic, I just used my thumb and some sandpaper to make it a bit more flat in the middle of the plate. With this cooler, at the end of a cinebench R20 run (multithread followed by a single thread run) HWinfo gives a peak temperature of about 83 °C. I think that's perfectly fine given the load which will probably never be the same during gaming.


RAM: 2x 8GB TridentZ 3600MHz CL15, so single rank B-Die RAM. To be honest, the kit has a great reputation and has been very pricey but I never got it working with true low latency. It gives a reliable CL15 up to 3800MHz.

3733 or 3800MHz CL14 is definitely out of reach at 1.45V. Subtimings go ok with a tRFC of ~147ns. Not great nor bad either. At least with my CPU-Board combinations, i can't get further, but it never really mattered. CL15 vs CL14 is not a dramatic difference. Yet of course... it could be better particularly given the price I paid back then.


GPU: MSI 1070Ti 8gb --- nothing special.


PSU: 400W BQ power supply


Chassis: Node 304



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On 4/30/2021 at 12:53 PM, Horus said:

@Mahatma Gandhi Crossflashed X470 bios don't work well or ....

It seems that AMD did the evil thing and integrated a ID check into their Firmware. To make it short, any BIOS newer than AGESA Patch C does not seem to work with Zen3 on X370 Chipsets.


That said, crossflash worked very well with Zen2 and gives all the nice features including rBAR and per CCX overclock on the X370 Board.


Certainly worth it if you are willing to take the risk but it won't help with Zen3

Edited by Mahatma Gandhi

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I want to share something about AMD i find out.

There are BIOS Settings you should change.


Normally Windows try to use only fastest core (one phyiscal and one virtual) to do the main job.

AMD delivers an option called CPPC Preferred Cores. You have to enable this option in your BIOS.

After that AMD will use the fastest 2 cores instead of one core used by Microsoft.


This change gives me a plus of 10 Client FPS.



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