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Bear Rising - no mission end

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I have a probleme with the offical Arma 2 sp mission Bear Rising. I have the problem that it won't trigger the end.

I know there is already another thread but it has no solution.


I made a short video about my problem.

It shows you that I have already captured all villages and I also have destroyed the enemy base. I have captured all towns at ca. 1715 but I have time to reach it until 1830 and all until 2000.

Now there are endless enemy guys spawning and new "scout this area" mission are triggering endless.


Also there are two villiges that are blinking red/blue but I don't know why. They are captured, I can use them to fast travel, there are no enemies and when I'm there blinking doesn't stop.


Has anyone an idea to help me.

Maybe the red/blue villages are my probleme to trigger the end?


Video of Problem

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