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Task Force 217 - Milsim Lite Unit Recruiting

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Welcome to Taskforce 217
Founded by a tight-knit group of ArmA and MilSim enthusiasts with countless hours of experience in both the ArmA Franchise and real world military service, Task Force 217 was founded as a unit that sought to bring a balance of realism and fun back to the game that we so love. Our goal is to make playing in an organized team fun, while still striving to provide an experience you will never forget.


Structure and Organization
Based on the structure of a Marine Rifle Company, the bulk of the Task Force is a multi-national infantry company equipped with top of the line equipment provided by participating coalition military organizations.

The foundation of the infantry force is the 5 man Fire Team, 3 of which comprise each Rifle Squad. The squads are highly flexible and independent, and each Fire Team member is highly trained and dependable. In battle the members of the Fire Team must rely totally on one another and trust in the competence and capability of their team. For this reason we drill the fundamental tactics as thoroughly as possible to each member of the unit.

Attached to the Task Force is a United States Air Force rotary wing section, which provides transport and MEDEVAC support. In the future we plan to extend the functions and responsibilities of the Air Force section of the Task Force to incorporate more roles.

Want to be a part of it?
Head on over to our forums HERE where you can sign up to the unit and get in contact with the members of the C-Staff who will guide you through the process, you can also find all active information about our unit and how we are currently structured. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask one of our C-Staff members, just drop them a message through the support forum post HERE and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Final Words
We at TF217 hope you will consider joining our unit to help us expand our community even further allowing us to expand our limits and provide everyone with an experience they will not forget! If you feel it that this is not for you then we wish you good luck in your search and hope you will keep us in mind in the future!


Regards, Brock 
CO of Taskforce 217

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