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UH-1H Huey Sharktooth Texture release

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Ages ago I helped the 16AA put together a Vietnam modpack for a special event, and sourced/ported content from multiple sources to make it work. However, I noticed there was something missing. I had never seen, in all of my ArmA life, any mod which had a sharktooth Huey. Of course, I immediately went about remedying this. After creating the texture, I had always planned to get together with friend and colleague Soldierman to release a complete, bugfixed, ArmA-3 ported and jazzed up Huey mod - and give it to the Unsung 3.0 team - but we were busy, and then I started my long hiatus from ArmA. So now I'm just releasing the texture for them, and anyone else, to use.











(If somebody could take me a nice picture I'd be thankful; I seem to have lost all of mine and I can't quite bring it upon myself to fire up ArmA and fiddle with mods again.)

No full frontal shots here because of ^. Use your imagination for now.







.paa and .psd in this MediaFire folder



- Beazley

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