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Casual meritocracy with the Refugees! (Co-op, TvT, Zeus)

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Next Event:  Arma 3 Co-Op Event #59 (17June 2017, 0300 UTC)


:soldier:Not working out with your current group?  Tired of being hassled for wearing the wrong backpack?  Sick of walking slowly in perfect formation for 1km?




Become a Refugee!


Come for the tough ops... stay for the hatchback racing!


Link to the Steam group is here!





Come play some casual fuck-fuck games with the refugees! 




Join a chill and very friendly community that...

:thumbsup: has some pretty dope custom scenarios

:thumbsup: doesn't try to be realistic

:thumbsup: only plays to have fun

:thumbsup: cooperates all the way to the end




No mods are needed, so it's easy to just show up and play! 


We do ops for people of all timezones!  Check the Event page in the Steam group for exact dates and times of upcoming events.  We've got more than 60 missions to choose from across a variety of mission types in each play session and a few new ones get added every week.  See how well you can handle the VCOM AI!








How we play Arma 3:

:thumbsup: No role white-listing

:thumbsup: No donations

:thumbsup: No ranks

:thumbsup: No job applications

:thumbsup: No attendance policies

:thumbsup: No mandatory training




Mission types:

:thumbsup: Combined arms

:thumbsup: Hostage Rescue

:thumbsup: Racing (ATV/Hatchback/Airplane)

:thumbsup: Skirmish

:thumbsup: Assault

:thumbsup: Demolition

:thumbsup: VR Terrorist Hunt

:thumbsup: Escape & Evade

:thumbsup: Search & Rescue

:thumbsup: Zeus

:thumbsup: Spies vs Mercs (TvT)




Mods:  we have only a few recommended mods (you can find a link to the workshop collection on the steam group page), but nothing is mandatory.  As we play more Arma, we find that vanilla content gives more frames and is perfectly adequate.  We will from time to time, though, have a WW2-themed week or a Vietnam-themed week!

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Some content updates to the Arma "group" this past week!



  • A team-based, pistols-only Team Deathmatch scenario in one of the slums of Altis!




  • A new hatchback VR course using Trackmania-inspired course design!





  • A fixed wing air support mission with a ground JTAC team to search & destroy a bunch of enemy assets.





  • An oil rig mission!



Refer to the OP if you'd like to come play with us sometime!  No training, no whitelisting, no ranks, no attendance requirements.

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