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Apex NATO vehicles camos and DLC stuff

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Hello everyone, being thinking at the new 64 bit support of the game being worked on and jet DLC and all of the other stuff and what i have to say is: wow great can't wait!




talking about Apex expansion being released since July 2016 (7 months ago) i have the impression of sitting in front of an unfinished job.

We've paid for the expansion, which is not a common DLC but an expansion and i have the feeling that NATO is a little bit "left behind".

I mean the tan camo for vehicles in a pacific jungle environment is somewhat ridicolous and i was asking to myself: will BIS ever make those vehicle in proper camo pattern?

ATM the expansion seems to be CSAT focused, but i believe talking about an expansion which is not only a Faction DLC but an expansion, all of the NATO vehicle must have proper camo pattern.

Talking about an expansion i would recall Operation Arrowhead quality design and content additions and upgrades (proper camos, proper units exc.).

Now, why Apex has basically a totally reworked (very well) faction, (i mean CSAT), new faction syndikat which is great, CTRG which is great, but it is a marginal faction for mission making because they basically are special forces and nothing more and Gendarmerie which is another marginal faction, but not a total "conversion" of the NATO faction which is a major faction expecially talking about mission making?


Talking about DLCs:


I have to say that we're talking about paid additional content, i want to support BIS as i want new stuff as well, so i bought all of them, but for an example if i want to make a Ground Support mission on the Expansion's map (which is an aweeesssome map), of Tanoa i will not have Tropic pattern soldiers, because i can't choose the NATO pacific or CSAT pacific factions in the modules and the same goes for Sites modules and some weapons of the marksman DLC do not have tropic pattern and not all of them has at least khaki color.


So my questions are:

Will all of this left behind job ever be worked on or is it abandoned in the shelf of the office?

Will we get the same great support that we saw time ago about other armaverse expansions?

Are there any official statement about these matters around? because i can't find them.


thanks in advance.



Personal statement:

I love to make missions and scripts but sadly i don't love being forced to install mods for fixing left behind job and forcing my community to download such mods.

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Agree with you on some points but speaking about roleplay / armaverse consistency, it's very strange for me that british and american CTRG, and american regular forces got Pacific uniforms and ready to use equipment for a flash intervention in Horizon Islands just after a Tsunami. For me, you create an uniform for your army when you are engaged on a planned conflict and your endowment is not adapted to the terrain (and sometimes, you just don't have the money for it, like the french army which has got modern multi purpose uniforms and equipment only for special forces). CSAT got totally adapted stuff for the area because hey, this is China CTRG and looks like it's their standard purpose stuff. 


Again, agree with you on some points but NATO got in APEX : new HK 416 and HK 417, with multiple color patterns, Blackfish which is the perfect 2035 Osprey, new "pacific CTRG" patterns for some vechicles, new "pacific CTRG" uniform with full stealth technology (even if the helmet is a vanilla helmet with chin protection), "pacific US army" uniform, new Prowler vehicle, ...


From my point of view, that's not bad for a DLC (and I didn't talked about the other stuff for other factions). 

The small failure of APEX for me is more the campaign ep. which is not enough ArmA style and trying to add too much mainstream games mechanics (omg scripted gameplay and respawn in ArmA). But it's maybe a good tool to bring new people in the game, so I'm ok with that. 





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