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[Recruiting][NA][17+] 1st Marine Expeditionary Brigade Realism Unit

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Welcome to the Public Posting of the 1st Marine Expeditionary Brigade
Feel free to check us out anytime:
'Deployment Server :
'Training Server' :
'Operations Server' :

Teamspeak 3 :
Some quick facts about us:
  • 30+ members since our start in Mid-JAN.
  • Multiple-Weekly events.
  • Competent training, based on field manuals of the USMC.
  • You're not just a number, you're a member. You have a voice in our unit.
  • Talent isn't wasted, if you want to help we welcome it!


We are a unit that strives on providing a near perfected environment, in which we encourage self developement, maturity and over all the creation of an enjoyable, educating environment. Professionalism is key for the 1st MEB. We are a Military Simulation unit, and with that comes discipline, integrity, honor, and respect for the armed forces around the world, as well as the virtual projects that have made ArmA such an enjoyable community to be involved in.

We currently strive to raise the backbone of our unit by increasing the size of the Infantry, that being said we have a number of positions in both our Aviation, and Infantry unit's that continue to open and provide support; Such as Deep Reconnaissance, Hospital Corpsman, Radio Transmission Operators. As the unit develops, and strengthens itself we will slowly encourage the growth of these supportive roles, positions being open first to the most beneficially active, and supportive of members.
We have allies across the globe, and will be doing joint operations as well as our private ones, so whether you like playing with loads of people fighting together in a single mission, or you like a unit operation, it's all laid out to be for the members.
We're different compared to most units in the current generation of ArmA 3 in the aspect that we've taken a great deal of time to design and develope ourselves to ensure an enjoyable experience for our members. As we continue to grow, we'll continue to refine, redevelope and create a truly unique MILSIM experience.
We are looking for people who can:

  • Be Mature.
  • Be 17 years old+.
  • Be Productive, and Regularly Active.
  • Know the Basics of ArmA 3 (We have a staffed team of training officials, and instructors that will prepare you, and teach you the basics required to operate effectively within your choosen position((MOS)).)
  • Be able to speak, be understood and understand English.
  • Have or plan on getting a working microphone.
  • Have a Working ArmA 3.
  • Not be BattleEye Banned.
  • Have a working copy of TeamSpeak 3.
  • Commit to the 1st MEB.
  • Be Respectful, and Honorable - No one likes a liar.
  • Make our Training, Operation and Event Times when life will allow


We do run Task Force Arrowhead Radio(TFAR) & Advanced Combat Environment 3(ACE3) if you are completely new to those mods!

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