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Invasion 1944 Terrains in Arma 3

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@foxhound thanks for the mirror!




Preview v23 is out









  • Added: Merderet V3
  • - Added 4 new town areas, a canal door and a lot of minor details
    - Some more heightmap edits
    - Removed some of those huge rocks
    - Replaced all I44 cobble textures with new high-res textures
    - Added AI friendly roads + dirt road texture
    - Flattened some road areas that needed it
    - Removed gliders (mission asset)
    - Small road sign position tweaks
    - Fixed baguette missiles
  • Changed: renabled (adjusted) ambient life for terrains.
  • Changed: removed non fitting animals in ambient life for Winter terrains.
  • Changed: added eagle and crowes to ambient life thanks to Evil Organ!


Suggestions and issues please go here.


For a chat or interested to assist us - join our discord server.

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