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Can ACE 3 Medical System set like ACE 2?

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Hi, I am my Unit's mission maker, we always play coop mission with ACE3.


We basically use "Basic Medical System" and "Turn off Medical Specialized" and "Wound can be Full Heal".

So everyone can heal each other with no limit, the only difference between our medical soldiers and the non-medic soldier is Medic will have more medical supplies than others.

I want to set more challenge like ACE 2 old time, but don't want to use advance Medical System.(It's too complex more than I want)


Here is my condition:

1.Basic Medical System

2.Everyone can use Morphine & Epinephrine

3.Everyone can blood transfusion for others.

4.Wound can't be full heal unless medic use personal medickit(or something) to heal you.


So I just want to turn off about "Full Heal System", let some have badly wounded person heal after Bandage and Morphine, he will still hurt and shake his hand let him difficult to aim, and let medic have ability to full heal wounded.


I try to set ACE3's medical modul, I "Turn On Medical Specialized" & "Wound can't be Full Heal", and add some personal medickit to medic, and here is my problem.

1.Because I "Turn On Medical Specialized", so blood transfusion can't be use by normal soldier, only medic can blood transfusion, but I don't want this.

2.I set "Wound can't be Full Heal" and it work, and I try hit some person(my friend who test with me) very hard, and save him and revive him, after normal ACE medical procedures, he will maintain very hurt because my setting, and I take a personal medickit from cache(ps: I set my Character to level max Medic), and here is problem, I use interactive button to him can't see anything about use this personal medickit button.(I set we can use personal medickit  or surgical package anywhere we like)


So is me done wrong with step? Please help me fix it, thanks :f:

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