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Helicopter FM questions

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Hello, I have a few questions regarding flight model editing in ArmA 3.


1. In class RotorLibHelicopterProperties

What relationship to maxTorque, stressDamagePerSec, and maxMainRotorStress/maxTailRotorStress have?

Additionally, what does the value maxTorque apply to? It is universal across all rotor systems? Is it specific to the main rotor? Tail rotor? What about coaxial/tandem/side-by-side? The example simply says "90% of both engines in XML".


2. In class RotorLibHelicopterProperties

Do the defines:

maxHorizontalStabilizerLeftStress, maxHorizontalStabilizerRightStress, and maxVerticalStabilizerStress do anything?


3. In class RotorLibHelicopterProperties

What does retreatBladeStallWarningSpeed do?


4. In class RotorLibHelicopterProperties

What do horizontalWingsAngleCollMin and horizontalWingsAngleCollMax do?


5. In the RotorLib XML, what reference is there to main rotor and tail rotor as far as the model.cfg is concerned? Can there only be two rotor systems?


6. In ToH, it was possible to define multiple stabilizers per geometric plane. e.g. two horizontal stabs, two vertical stabs, etc. In ArmA 3, this appears to be limited. The engine no longer recognizes <HorizontalStabilizerLeft> and <HorizontalStabilizerRight> as valid flight surfaces when used together. Did something change?II had an error in one of my edits that caused the flight model to not load if one of the stabilizers loaded. It is still possible to define as many stabilizers as desired.


7. What is going on after Effective Translational Lift? It should be a dynamic inherent to all rotor systems, so is the engine automatically compensating for it? It does not appear to have a noticeable effect.


8. Is it possible to have a list of all functions of RotorLib that are integrated into ArmA 3? The XML documentation is not all inclusive, and it would be helpful to know exactly what can, and can't be done with the flight model.


9?. I also have a some questions about the vanilla Ghosthawk .xml, but I'm not sure how to list them. The .xml as it stands, appears to represent a UH-60L model aircraft (aerodynamics and the newer model main rotor blades, but lower engine power '30 min rated power for the 701C as opposed to the 701D which is slightly higher', etc.) but the Ghosthawk is a substantially different aircraft (worse aero, probably, different rotor blades, different rotor configurations, etc.) Was this an oversight of some sort that has gone un-noticed?


Thank you for taking the time to read through all of my questions!

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