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Johnny Drama

Simple Heli Insertion & Evac Examples for Eden Editor

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These are a couple basic Helicopter Insertion / Evac Examples that you can easily copy & paste into your mission and adjust.


Since this is a frequent question and I made it for my team anyway, I thought why not share it to more people:


Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/szg3610cflol363/heli_evac_vanilla.Stratis.zip?dl=0


heli_evac_vanilla.Stratis.zip · 5.04 KB


No mods needed. Should work in SP/LAN/Dedicated. Please let me know if you find any bugs/typos!


Just unzip to your Eden save folder

C:\Users\*USERNAME*\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\*PROFILE*\mpmissions\
C:\Users\*USERNAME*\Documents\Arma 3\mpmissions

If you are not sure where Eden is saving your files:
Go into Eden and save a mission with the name donald123. now open your hardrive and search for donald123. it will eventually find a folder called donald123.stratis or donald123.tanao (...), depending on which map you saved it.
Put the folder from the zip inside this folder, where you also see the donald123.*MAPNAME* folder. You should then be able to load this mission in Eden

You will find some notes on how to use for your own on the map ingame.
It's basically copy & paste the setup you need into your mission and then go through the triggers/waypoints/object init's to see if you need to change something, for example the faction from blufor (west) to opfor (east).

Don't hesitate to drop me a private message if you have troubles or just ask questions inside this topic.


If you want to use a different kind of chopper and have problems with finding the animation source for animateDoor command I try to help you too.


Before anyone asks: I tried it on roof of buildings and it seems to work with some of them, like the big square buildings with a roof on tanoa.

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