I got this to work (at least partially): in the init: if (isServer) then { addMissionEventHandler["PlayerConnected",{_this execVM "playerInit.sqf"}]; }; in playerInit.sqf: thisPlayer = objNull; playerId = (_this select 4); for "_x" from 0 to (count allPlayers) -1 step 1 do { if (owner _x == playerId) then { thisplayer = (allPlayers select _x); }; }; thisPlayer = _this publicVariable "thisplayer"; publicVariable "playerId"; the Id is correctly transfered the problem is thisPlayer returns nothing the if never returns true so either the player is not in the list allPlayers at the time or i have no clue   I tested everything seperately and everything works so Ihave nu f*king idea why it doesn't work   Please help thanks in advance