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Request Edit / Help - bullet Cam

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I know nothing about coding , its a working bulletcam script But i would like it to have changes.

Can somone edit this so it can do slow motion while the bullet is travelling..... and add infinite camera time as it seems to Exit Camera due to reasons when shooting Long distances. Maybe the bullet has a timer/expirey on its active state? , and also Have a Delay Period at the end to see the Target Shot that is Customizable to any number of Seconds.

To Recap. the Changes. I want.

- - - -



a. Infinite camera time travelling / no exit due to bullet reasons ( eg. Shooting into Sky it exits camera at a certain amount of seconds )

    ( Apparently bullets delete themselves after 6 seconds for performance )




b. Slow Motion ~ is this the code? setAccTime 0.1




c. Delay Period for Bullet upon Impact to Remain in Camera mode at the Scene for X ammount of Seconds ( 3 Secs would be Ideal to implement first. )

Thank you!





player addEventHandler ["Fired", {
    _null = _this spawn {
        _missile = _this select 6;
        _cam = "camera" camCreate (position player); 
        _cam cameraEffect ["External", "Back"];
        waitUntil {
            if (isNull _missile) exitWith {true};
            _cam camSetTarget _missile;
            _cam camSetRelPos [0,-3,0];
            _cam camCommit 0;
        sleep 0.4;      
        _cam cameraEffect ["Terminate", "Back"];
        camDestroy _cam;





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I recommend you use this:


player addEventHandler["Fired",{[(_this select 0)] call BIS_fnc_diagBulletCam;_EhIndex = _unit getVariable "bis_fnc_diagBulletCam_fired"; (_this select 0) removeEventHandler ["fired",_EhIndex];}];

this is what I've got off the top of my head.

this'll show the camera until a target is hit,

the event handler will be removed upon firing as well too.


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