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1st Marine Division - Milsim and Recruiting

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Welcome to the forum post for the arma 3 unit, 1st Marine Division.


We are a milsim unit looking for members, we do training weekly and operations weekly and unlike many other milsim units we accept all ages, but you can get kicked for being immature or disrespectful.


What do we offer


Weekly training and operations 

Respectful members

Real marine ranking system

- occasional PVP events

Real marine platoon, company, battalion


Ranks! We use real Marine Ranks

Marine Corps Enlisted Junior Ranks

  • E - 1 PVT
  • E - 2 PFC
  • E - 3 LCPL

Marine Corps Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) Ranks

  • E - 4 CPL
  • E - 5 SGT

Marine Corps Staff Non-Commissioned Officer (SNCO) Rank

  • E - 6 SSGT
  • E - 7 GySGT
  • E - 8 1stSgt / MSgt
  • E - 9 MGySgt / SgtMaj
  • E - 9s Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps


What Role Can You Take On! We use real Marine Roles

Ground Combat Element

  • Rifleman
  • Machine Gunner
  • Mortar Man
  • Assault Marine

LAV Marine

  • LAV Driver
  • LAV Gunner
  • LAV Commander

Scout Sniper

  • Spotter
  • Sniper

Specialties in Artillery

  • Fire Support Marine
  • Artillery Meteorological Marine 
  • High Mobility Artillery Rocket System Operator

AAV Marines

  • AAV Rear Marines
  • AAV Driver
  • AAV Commander

Armor Marine

  • Tank Driver
  • Tank Gunner
  • Tank Commander

Specialties in Engineering

  • Combat Engineer
  • Engineer Equipment Operator
  • Engineer Assistant

Field Artillery Officer

Infantry Officer

Tank Officer

Enlisted Aircrew

  • Aerial Observer/Gunner
  • Helicopter Crew Chief
  • Presidential helicopter Crew Chief

Aviation Logistics

  • Aviation Supply Specialists
  • Aviation Logistics Information Management and Support Specialist
  • Aviation Supply Officer

Fixed-Wing Pilot

Naval Flight Officer

Rotary/Tilt Rotor Pilot

Specialties in Communications

  • Field Radio Operator

Specialties in Logistics

  • Embarkation Specialist
  • Airborne and Air Delivery Specialist
  • Landing Support Specialist

Specialties in Transportation 

  • Motor Vehicle Operator

Specialties in Ground Ordnance/Ammunition and EOD 

  • EOD technician

Combat Engineer Officer

Communications Officer

Ground Supply Officer

Logistics Officer

Military Police Officer

Signals Intelligence Officer




Working microphone

- Respect to higher ups and everyone else

Willing to participate in training at least every two weeks and events every two weeks



Link to Website





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