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Paying a person $25 to make a gun

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So I've been wanting a gun in ARMA 3 but I've not been able to find it. 


I am offering a reasonable amount ($25 for somebody to make this rifle: 

BONUS: if you can add a custom and awesome reload animation Ill throw in an extra $7.50


Deadline: at most 2 weeks. 3 weeks if you  have a bad life, lol. 




Its the hipoint 995, bla bla bla, 9mm. 


Here's all I want:

I want the gun: Hipoint 995 

I want it to take attachments (Rail, no bipod, and a 9mm silencer)

I want a custom sound (Nothing to fancy, just like rip a real life hipoint firing sound) 


And that's it. 


If someone can let me know  if they can make this I'd be happy. 


I can make a payment via. paypal. However, I want to be able to trust you so if you attempt to scam me, I'll just retract my paypal payment. 

I don't think there's a lot of people who do that here, everyone seems pretty generous and nice. 


Thanks for any replies, 

- Billwa

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