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Unable to host server or join any servers

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As the title says, I can't host or join any servers (Sometime I can but at the moment it's about a 1 in 50 chance it works). I've tried everything from restarting the game and my PC, restarting my internet, turning off all mods, turning BattleEye on or off, verifying my steam cache. Even changing the graphic settings.

Here is what the game gives me when I try hosting a mission (Player created or the missions included in the game):


This is what happens when I try to join a server from the in-game server browser (It just hangs on this screen indefinitely):


And this is what happens when I try to join a server from the Arma 3 launcher's server browser (Again, just hangs there):



To repeat myself, these same problems occur regardless of whether I have mods loaded or not.

Thanks for any help.

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