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Scripts for Zeus Users Requests - For Active DMing!

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Sorry to bother you guys, and I know I never post, but I'd like to get people's thoughts! I DM a lot on Zeus, so obviously I play the big bad guy who makes missions and makes things FUN. The thing is, I like to make it immersive!


What scripts or executions can you recommend to make things more interesting? Whether it be command lines or mods, I like making things really fun like an RPG system!


For example, I use "hint 'The path ahead appears to be rigged with landmines.'" as flavour text for various things, and I also have functions like "player enableFatigue false;" to enable them sprinting all the time.


What else can I do to make things more interesting, such as tip boxes, intel briefings, timers, and such? I really don't know where to find much, and I've looked through all the script info on the Wikis!


Thanks for your ideas, people! I hope to catalogue all of these. :D

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I don't if you make use of these add-ons:

You may want to check MCC and Ares/Achilles, which both adds tons of new options without the need of scripting.

Furthermore, there are tons of script commands available in ArmA (sorted by groups; unfortunately, the list is far from complete).

The problem is just to find those which are of interest and often combinations of them are needed to get the desired effect; in other words scripting has to be done.

If you are interested in scripting for Zeus, you can easily develop custom modules with Ares/Achilles (documentation).

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