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Welcome to Task Force : Aegis

(name is subject to change)

NOTE: This is going to be the planning and progress page within the forms. Any and all progress will be posted here by myself or others that wish for their work to be involved in this mod. This is not however an area to spout conjecture and idea's. If you have a good idea please PM it to me and I'll figure it out later.


Task Force: Aegis is the multinational NATO peacekeeping force sent to the sovereign territories of Altis and Stratis, or as they are better known as

Lemnos and Agios Efstratios. To this end they were to bring peace after a raging civil war. I found it odd that in the cannon only USA and the United Kingdom were the only countries present for the campaign, yet the equipment used encompassed several nations. As such I thought it would be fitting to correct this and create a proper NATO forces mod following the Arma-verse canon.
This canon will, include the upcoming DLC's and previous DLC's and an overhaul to the Campaign and Islands of Altis and Stratis to see this project through. I hope to complete this project overtime to help me understand Mission Creation, Mod Creation and Map editing and creation. As I am alone in this task of creating this mod any and all help in seeing it through would be a tremendous help. As I am very new to the "mod" side of Arma I've layered my work so I can release content and continue to work on this project I plan to release content in stages...
STAGE ONE: Retextures of current in game assets. 
Creating a unique camo for each of the NATO factions to create a proper NATO Peacekeeping force.
USAF: 7th Infantry Division, DEVGRU, SFOD-D, and 5th SFG
-the United States Armed Forces will use the typical US items already in game. (UH-80, MH-9, AH-9, M-ATV, etc)
UKAF: 22nd SAS Regiment

-the United Kingdom Armed Forces will used typical UK items like the Hellcat, and the Merlin. It will probably be accented by other US items to fill out there list.

- With the Warrior in game I may add another unit to the UKAF to take advantage of this. (Suggest it to me via PM if you got a good one to mention)


German Armed Forces: KSK

- As the German vehicles are limited in the vanilla set of vehicles I may have to plan the creation of new ones in the coming stages.


Polish Armed Forces: GROM

-With the same issue as the German Armed Forces with one asset really being Polish I will have to plan the creation of more items to be made.


Italian Armed Forces: IL NONO

-with literally no vehicles from Armed Assault being used by the Italian I'll be making up a vehicle or two for this unit or I'll change this to another country that use vehicles from the current list with out breaking Arma canon.


Other Countries that might be added.

-France, Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, Chernarus, Saharani, or (insert country I missed here).

-Off the top of my head any of these countries could fit into what I have in store for this mod. If I missed one please let me know!




After the completion of camo's using simple texturing techniques. I'll attempt to expand the camo variants. So for example. the M-ATV "Hunter" only has tan colour variant for Arma. The plan will be to add more than that. Adding to it will most likely be a "Tanoa" shade green, a "Altis" Shade Green, CSAT camo's (Grey Hex, Green Hex, Blue Hex, and Original), CTRG camos (Arid and Jungle) and AAF camo, to all be available for use in the Arsenal Garage. This will be added to all Vehicles, as I wished that BIS would make their camo's available on the different vehicles  with the Arsenal Garage being available but only a small percentage of BIS vehicles actually having multiple camo variants. I'll hopefully beable to extend on this as my skill increases adding a Tan and Black variant to this as well as bringing all the CSAT vehicles into the pack as well.




This, I could only assume, as the hardest part and will require assistance in tackling would be the actual creation of objects and physical items in game in the form of upgrades for vehicles. Again using the Hunter as an example. Upgrades may include the following: Turret rework (so it doesn't look like all the factions use the same turret mount), Extra armour (that actually adds protection to the vehicle), Armored slats on windows, on the sides, APS system that actually protects the vehicle from RPG's and Titan missiles. These being examples you hopefully see what i'm thinking of. This would use another feature that BIS made but rarely use themselves in Arsenal Garage.


At the moment, I have limited skill at retexturing weapons and clothing, I also do not own Photoshop as its way to expensive for my tastes. I will attempt to make due with whatever I can get my hands on and create this mod simply to generate skill for myself so I may push on to more elaborate endeavors.


With this I hope to complete this optimistically by the beginning of next year. Or I may continue work on it until someone comes along and takes over for me or BIS hires me or something and like I have said I'm going to do this purely so I can learn to create using this game other than game and to introduce myself to the moding side of Armed Assault.

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Thanks Nightmare515 I appreciate this!

On ‎2017‎-‎02‎-‎09 at 3:14 PM, Nightmare515 said:

I can provide PSDs and XCF files to get you started on your textures.


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PM me if you have any specific questions :) As Nightmare515 will tell you, I'm a royal pain to get hold of sometimes, lol - but if I'm free and not in the modding / working 'zone', I'll shoot you back some answers! Good luck on your project - keep at it - you're set for a wonderful modding adventure!

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