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Liberation Public Server, ACE required & TFR optional - Hosted by HCI

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We at HitCorp International been around the OFP/ARMA scene for a while and have always been a fan of somewhat dynamic Island-wide missions open to the public, utilising realism and radio mods and not much else to keep it open to as many people as possible while also avoiding the modern ARMA3 problem of friendlies appearing in nonsensical clothing and shouting "bang" at the enemy with empty hands.


Our group is fairly relaxed but enjoys team play and supporting other groups and players, so we feel this is a good place for people and groups to practise playing with ACE as well as communicating with outside individuals and groups during operations without having to download a lot of mods to make sure you see everybody right. We have a small number of public regulars as well as our group who frequent the server, any time from GMT afternoon to GMT early-hours, and hope to play with more.


The mission is relatively stock Liberation on Altis for now, but we're slowly customising it to our tastes and may start a Tanoa version if enough of our regulars have Apex. We regulate our permissions system based on proven trust of players, so please don't expect to be building attack aircraft and flying around as soon as you connect.


Mods Required by Client:




Mods Optional for Client:

Task Force Radio (Requires TeamSpeak3 and plugin setup)

ARMA3 Enhanced Movement

ADR-97 Weapon Pack


Server-Side Mods:

Advanced Sling Loading

Advanced Rappelling 

Advanced Urban Rappelling

Advanced Towing



Teamspeak IP: HitCorp-Intl.Co.Uk

TFR and non-TFR Channels provided.


Special thanks to Oliver Masters, our supervisor who handles ARMA3 server operation and contributes the largest portion of, and sometimes all, operating costs for this particular server.

Hope to see you in the field!

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Your server settings are very nice, the performance looks also good.

However I am finding it a bit more restrictive not being able to pilot a helicopter, buying  some team mates or some light armoured vehicles. Would you plan to review these settings or will remain like this ?

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We're trying to be a bit more active and vet regular players just so people don't waste too many resources, but it's a debate within the group as to how restrictive or allowing we are. I'll raise it again though, see where the discussion goes.

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