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1stLt. Black

3rd Special Forces Operations (Veteran Community)

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Here at 3rd Special Forces Operations, we take pride in the leadership of true Arma series Professionals. Professionalism is the core pillar of the foundation upon which we build this unit; Confidence drives the various aspects of our Brotherhood--we all want to be good, and we all want to be better than we were the week before. At the end of the day, ladies & gentlemen, what we the leadership are looking for is not perfection, but rather the desire to see oneself improve.
What sets us apart from other military simulation units is that we focus on and master the basics of infantry-based combat tactics in realistic battlefield scenarios. We are not just leading a group of subordinates: we strive to lead one another as peers and uplift the unit together. To us, a team is not meant to be micro-managed, but instead, is meant to be provided a task and given the freedom to utilize the skill-sets and tools available to them to complete it in the most effective way possible. Our top priority is to accomplish the mission before us, and we will find the means to finish it no matter what it may take.
If these basic principals are what you look for in a mil-sim unit, we would love to have you along for the ride.
Cpt. J. Black


What we want in a new join is the confidence and ready to be committed to a unit that puts hours of time so you can gain the experience you are looking for. We follow our rank structure, we have a solid event planning system, and most of all we have a full infrastructure ready to take on as many of you as possible. We are created and ran by veterans from many branches. It so happens that veterans understand the military very well and we were able to relate their experience to the arma 3rdsSFO community. So if you're ready for a Realism unit that is not going to crash like the last five you have been in, come roll casually with us on our Insurgency server and learn what is the 3rdSFO!


Operation Timezone: Central US time or -6 GMT

Game Type: CO-OP and PVP

Teamspeak IP: Ts3.3rdSFO.us

Public Server IP:

Port: 2542

Map: Taviana

Game Type: Insurgency (ALIVE)

High Traffic Time: 2000-00

Server side mods (Required)

  • CBA
  • ACE3
  • TFAR
  • CUP Terrains - Maps
  • CUP Terrains - Core
  • CUP Vehicles
  • CUP Units
  • CUP Weapons
  • F/A-18
  • Alive

The Mods 3rdSFO Runs includes above:

  • BloodLust
  • USS Nimitz
  • BackPackOnChest
  • ShackTac User Interface
  • Advanced Sling Loading
  • Advanced Towing
  • Advanced Urban Repelling
  • Arma Enhanced Movement
  • FIR Pilot&Crew Pack
  • HMDs MOD (Metric)
  • L3-GPNVG18 Panoramic Night Vision
  • Spec4Gear v4.6
  • Splended Smoke
  • Theseus Services

Steam Collection

Server is open keys, so you can run any mods that you like. Just have the minimal required ones and you should be fine.

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