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I'm working on a mission that doesn't have re-spawns and designed for quick firefights. My intention is to design a mission for a dedicated server with the following:

  • If all Blufor (players) are killed, failure
  • If time runs out, failure
  • If all Opfor units are killed, victory
  • Notify all players (even dead) when there is one player remaining
  • Notify all players (even dead) when there is one enemy remaining
  • have the same number of units and type of unit on the enemy side, i.e. 1 autorifleman blufor and 1 autorifleman opfor (shown in the initServer.sqf is already working)


My experience with multiplayer scripting is limited and I'm struggling to understand why it works in local hosted multiplayer (as the host alone) but not on dedicated servers, issues include:

  • After starting the operation using the action (see flowgraph) the LastMan.sqf will start running immediately, even with 2 blufor players
  • Server, after starting the operation using the action, will stop updating unit positions and AI will not react. All players except yourself are running in place, coupled with sudden spikes in framerate loss when initially activated and unable to kill enemies. Enemies don't react to being shot or standing directly in front of them even.
    • this problem isn't present on the locally hosted
    • Possibly an issue of the server ending the mission locally but not for clients (just a guess)?
  • Mission must still be working enough to continue the countdown timer, mission fails properly when timer reaches zero
  • Maybe I should be getting rid of triggers entirely? But it always seemed like they synced across multiplayer better
  • Using the trigger and (count Thislist < 2) is that when all remaining players enter one vehicle, it counts as one unit and starts the trigger
  • Tried using setting the triggers to server only and using Bis_fnc_MP but led to the mission immediately ending upon starting the operation action


Code Flowgraph




Mission Source




Thanks for the help on this issue

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