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Any Map Makers available?

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We're looking for people who enjoy making maps?


We'd like to create team of Map Makers that can make "Attack & Secure" style maps in the RHS MOD for a Tournament.


If your interested, contact us on our forums - http://globalconflict-A3.proboards.com or TeamSpeak - globalconflictA3.teamspeak3.com


Your contributions to the tournament wont go unrecognized.





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Is there a $$ incentive ;)


who else is is working on this project from your team and what are their contributions?

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Sorry, in our previous tournament we had players who made maps all the time for fun, was hoping to find similar for A3. However, should the tournament be successful, we would no doubt recognize any contributions made.


I'm the only one, but what were looking for is really over my head, sorta. That's why we'd like to find a few people who know how to create maps within the guidelines we desire but the map makers would have free rain to create them.

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I am still a little bit intermediate as a map maker, but I might be interested in working on your project, because I love the RHS mods. 

I am mainly doing custom terrains using L3DT, I haven't been doing anything based off of real sat maps.  I have a couple terrains I can show you for example content, but they aren't published because they're not quite up to the level I want to get to before I hit the steam workshop.


I'm wondering though, could you explain to everyone what you're looking for in these "Attack & Secure" style maps?  Do you have some examples?

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Hey I4,


Ok, so first I need to apologize to everyone reading this post for my ignorance. I had no clue what it took to create a map in ARMA...until now. I can now certainly understand why M1 asked if there was any money involved, I wish I was being paid for all this time lol. I've learned so much over the last 4 weeks watching videos and learning what is involved with making these maps. OMG I've learned more than I really wanted to lol I should be making some of those YouTube videos now, especially the ones where the information provided is outdated.


So here's where I'm at now, and I4, if your interested in being a part of this, you more than welcome and I would truly appreciate any help along this journey.


My Goal: to create a fun campaign with Arma that has a variety of scenarios (maps) and involves team play. I see 100's of players in KOTH playing those same maps over and over and rarely seeing players working together. I played Joint Ops for 7 years, not many will know this one, but we had an organized tournament for many years and so many playing options. The possibilities with ARMA will surely last much longer.


My need: 27 maps, I've got 14 done so far. I have another 8 with bases created but no additional details done, I'm working on it. I'm averaging 1 per day now after experiencing 4 days for my first map lol I'd like to create a map team of several people that can edit maps as needed and create new ones if you feel the excitement of where this journey is headed. Even if its just providing me with the advice to make these maps playable, I'll truly appreciate it. I'd even be willing to remove my name on the maps already created and give away the recognition.


This is what I have so far:


Red/Blue bases placed and designed (with distances and zone sizes)

All Assets placed

Player re-spawns placed

Vehicle re-spawns placed

All Attributes are set (have a few questions on some of them)

Neutral base trigger set (a few questions on this)


Where I'm stuck:


custom armories (these need specific guidelines)

cant see self/teammates on map

make next base objective (switch back as needed) (trigger setting?)

player loadout/attributes


Once I have 27 maps, I'll get a server and run it for 30 days with these maps. I'll get feedback from the community on the best maps, modify/add more maps as needed and get a feel if the tournament is something that will prosper. If yes, we'll prepare our first campaign.


I have the a forum and TeamSpeak already set up.


So this is the plan. I'm excited and optimistic that this will work and be great!

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Wow Joint Ops that takes me back I used to play with you guys years ago even made a few battle day maps XD I used to go by AndyMcNoob

Anyways I can possibly give you hand with the map stuff, as I'm pretty reasonable at it

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