Hi All, I just wondered and wanted to ask if there is any agreed scaling system between mod makers for air warfare?
As we all know the maps of Arma 3 are huge compared to other games but if you consider operations which involves aircrafts then some things get still messy.   1- Speed  2- Acceleration/Deceleration 3- Range   are the points which I beleive should not be based on real world values for modders but adjusted to some value which makes sense and I beleive this is what the modders are doing already otherwise we would be able to hit an enemy aircraft which is at one side of the map with AIM-120 from another side in some seconds.
My question is, without having an agreed scaling system how the modders can guarantee their mods are playable together with other mods?

Example, Mod with SAM is scaled down in order not to make whole Altis no-fly zone (i.e. SA-2) by developers own feeling. Now if I put a F-16 into my mission where another developer made some scaling down by his/her own feeling as well, then the realism factor can fade away easily if one of the vehicle is nerfed too much. It might end up with SA-2 (assuming active radar all the time) can shot down F-16 easily even though F-16 is loaded with AGM-88 if scaling is not done based on agreed coefficients.
So why not modders and also BI not agree on a scaling system for air warfare to make them all work together in a meaningfull manner?

For example, real world accelerations need to be multiplied by X, max speed should be multiplied with Y and Range should be with Z based on average map sizes for all aircrafts (fixed, rotary) and AA units (missiles, vehicles, manpads)?     just an idea.. don't laugh :)
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