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Question about map grids

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I'm just really staring to get into this game. Created a single player scenario with some starting equipment.


I'm having a really hard time finding any details about this game. The wiki seems pretty empty. Seems like steam forum is the busiest place for it.


Anyway:  Do the individual map grids have a random chance of the amount of resources available ?   Or are there certain areas of a map that have better or more resources?


For instance I'm playing on Kaiser Crater right now, should I think that the crater itself would have more / better / different resources to gather?


Oh, and btw, I was feeling like some of the larger vehicles should have charging and power receptacles on them.  So you can either charge a internal vehicle battery during the day, or use it to power some equipment at night. But I think it should have to run some while running equipment from it, so you have to listen to the thing run the whole time.


Anyway, thats all for now, Thanks


ok - I now see where the map lists available resources in your area, so thats pretty much settled.

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