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Season 2: Team vs Team (8v8) PvP Tournament! Sign up and join us! Hosted by VKN PMC

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1) Kickoff - February 25th - 18:00 CET (Central European Time)
2) 8v8 - Team vs Team
3) 8 custom made PvP maps (New maps and old favorites: updated and balanced)
4) Limited to 8 teams/squads.  First come, first serve.
5) First Person Locked.
6) Prize Pool:  $50 
7) Twitch / Teamspeak / Hosted Servers.
8) Mods:  Task Force Radio / ShackTac / CBA_A3


Following the huge success and enjoyment of Season 1 of the VIKING PvP Tournament, it’s time for Season 2 to begin!    If are you a group/squad who enjoys testing your PvP skills in the field, come join us.

We will host the event server and teamspeak server, so all you need to do is show up and play. The missions are 8v8 objective based PvP missions but of course if you can only field 7 men on the day then we'll make sure to match you with a squad of the same numbers.  This is something we'll all discuss on the day before we kick off the event.

We will have an official Twitch Stream broadcasting the event but you are of course welcome to stream it to your followers too.   There will be 20 observer slots available per mission for those teams on standby to observe others.  Make sure to follow our VKNPMC Twitter for regular updates.


There will be no crazy sights or equipment here.  You will be armed with an AR and the basics. This event is to test your individual skill as players but more importantly how efficient you are as a fighting unit.


1) Contact me directly (add me and message me)
2) Reach us on steam via our tournament page and join the group Steam Tournament Page
4) Contact one of our members via our WEBSITE


You are welcome to practice / strategize before the tournament on all of the maps that will be played.   Here is the link to all the tournament maps on the workshop: HERE


Looking forward to seeing you all on the battlefield!

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@TheGeneral2899 could you please provide more details on your missions. things like respawn system, weapons, layout, vehicles, observer mode, etc. Thank you!

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Sure @.kju!   Currently the missions are one life per, no respawn.   8v8 objective based missions.   Once player's die, they go into spectate mode.  Weapons are the basic ARs (Spars, AKs, etc) with minimal scoped (ACO Dots).  Each mission has its own objective.  Some are destroy truck, hostage rescue, escape area, VIP etc. etc.


You're welcome to download and check out he maps before the tournament as well.   Let me know if you and your squad are interested as we are limited to 8 teams.

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I run the household division of around 30 members.


Is it just the 8 man squad entries you were running or larger based too?


I had to remove Poole from my unit due to serious complications.

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My unit would be interested, we also host this event incase your units might be interested in attending. 


Oceanic PvP Series


This is the Biggest OCE PvP Event Series, Come represent your Unit

Every Second Friday Night on the CoG Oceanic PvP Series Server there is an objective base PvP event featuring different Arma units. The Missions change every fortnight but is always objective based and tactical. The server is always live if you need to test all your mods are working correctly. Event has been running for 3 years now. 

• Team Speak 3: TS.CoGclan.com
• Arma 3 Server: [CoG] Oceanic PvP Series

Calender - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1R9zyvYocTyw_p6W34oOO655_YpKrLxLDeTU7r-fAqoI/edit#gid=0

1900 Join/ Pregames
1930 First Operation 
2030 Second Operation (Main Event)
2130 Third Operation (reverse of Main) 
If any operation finishes early, time filler games will be played or intermission. (all times are for AEST time zone)

If you’re interested in joining yourself or your unit up for these events add me and send me a message. Or visit our website www.CoG-Clan.com
If its your first time joining please arrive early so you can be given TeamSpeak Permissions and make sure all your mods are up to scratch. 

Task Force Radio needs extra attention, info is in the workshop description.

Enrolled Units:

Combat Oriented Gamers

Flying Monkeys in Space

The Last Olympians

Australian Strategic Operations Regiment [ASOR]



101st Chairbourne

Task Force Raven Fire

Updates and information is posted here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/477577142433846/

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