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Weather Commands Issues

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So I'm having some trouble with the Arma 3 weather commands (setOvercast, setRain, setFog... etc). They do not seem to be functioning correctly. And I am having trouble understanding their documentation on the wiki. So basically I'm working on a dynamic and smooth weather system. This means I need to be able to utilize multiple weather commands to transition into different weather states. But for some reason this isn't working very well. After researching this, I came across quite a few threads with the same issues. It turns out the setOvercast doesn't work properly unless the transition time is extremely long. I don't understand why it is like this and still has not been fixed... It's clearly an issue, and it should work like it says but it doesn't. Are there any workarounds for this? I couldn't even find any bug reports about it in the latest bug report system. Thanks in advance.

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