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Black Watch International - OPEN RECRUITEMENT - Semi Realism - age 20+ - Central European Time

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Bare is the back of the brotherless man.

Semi Realistic Arma3 Unit/Gaming community

International,Based in Europe, Operations @ 20:00 CET.
We are recruiting!



Check out our YouTube Channel

Visit our Website


About Us:

Black Watch International is a tactical Arma 3 unit founded in September, 2014. Currently, our roster consists of over 70 members. We live up to our name with members hailing from over 20 different countries.

We mostly play cooperative missions, which can be made by anyone in the group as long as we are content that you understand some basic technical requirements.
All missions have at least one active Zeus.

The mods we use on the server are mostly focused on creating a realistic feel for the players. A list of the mods we use can be found here

To help keep things fresh here at Black Watch we use Bluefor, Opfor and Independent factions. These provide diffrent loadouts and experiences for the group.


At Black Watch International you don't sign up to be a medic or a sniper as part of the unit, your role changes on every Operation. Ensuring a great variety of experiences with every Operation


We play daily with all operations taking place at 8pm CET. with an occasional extended operation on a Saturday. 

attendance ranges from 20+ to 30+ people, which provides enough players to play using a platoon structure



  • We are looking to increase our numbers with respectful, patient members.
  • Players need to attend at least one operation per week.
  • We value leadership and initiative. We are interested in applicants who are willing to lend us their skills and help our organization grow and improve.
  • We only accept applicants above the age of 20, though exceptions can be made if you can prove to us that your age is a non-issue.
  • Applicants must have a functioning microphone, the ability to use Teamspeak 3 and APEX.


Application process

Fill out the application form and one of our recruitment officers will contact you as soon as possible!



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