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[SP/CO-6] DeltaForce - Crusade [ENG/RUS]

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Date: July 6, 2035, 04:00
Place: Stratis island


Situation: NATO troops are returning to Stratis. Is planned large-scale operation, which is impossible without the support of naval forces and aviation. At AAF troops are missiles M5 'Sandstorm', which can cause significant damage to the attacker fleet. Delta Force tasked to penetrate into enemy territory, destroy missiles and coordinate the actions of SEAL units.



  • Game Modes - Singleplayer, 6 Player CO-OP + Zeus;
  • Walkthrough duration - Long;
  • Difficulty - Hard;
  • No required addons;
  • Voice acting - no;
  • Titers and descriptions - eng | rus;
  • Step-by-step operation - start playing a small party, then lead SEAL assault forces and complete the task;
  • A lot of game mechanics that change the gameplay of ArmA 3 beyond recognition:
    • Unlimited Virtual Arsenal;
    • System revival;
    • Mark objectives;
    • Power Supply System;
    • Arrest and interrogation system;
    • Holograms;
    • EMP;
    • Explosive materials;
    • And much more.






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